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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Thoughts on Contacting Trustees

As I've thought on this more, I am changing an earlier statement I made. Instead of contacting the IMB trustees from your state, I think people should contact EVERY trustee. This change is based on two reasons:

First, unlike the federal govenernment, the trustees in the SBC are not the representatives of each state's constituents. That is, they are not polling for the interests of their state alone. In addition, they represent all Southern Baptists, not just those residing in their state. Therefore, every trustee is accountable to every Southern Baptist, regardless of regional differences.

Second, if trustees only hear from those in their state, they may not think this issue is as important as it really is. If all of us contact all of them, they will see the enormity of the problem. By contacting each trustee individually, either with phone calls or personal emails, they will most likely respond. Sending a form email to the entire list seems very impersonal and will most likely lead to minimal response. Individual emails and phone calls should ilicit a higher percentage of interaction between the trustees and those demanding an explanation.

So, start now. Begin composing emails to each of the trustees. Thank them for their service and inquire of their position on this issue. They are not allowed to tell you the inside information of the meetings, but they should discuss their position on the matter. Then, make plans to be in Greensboro in June. For the first time, younger leaders will have the chance to showcase their thoughts and the Convention may be forced to listen.

See you in Greensboro!

posted by Jason Sampler at 5:44 PM


Blogger joe kennedy said...

i already asked about going from edgewater.

9:31 PM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger Rick said...


thanks for the contact info. We'll begin the process today.

6:42 AM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Mike J said...

Thanks for trustee contact info. Do you have Executive Comm members?

5:58 AM, January 13, 2006  
Anonymous Dino said...

Hey Jason,

You remember me? You guys (SWOSO BCM)came to Bartlesville when I was youth pastor there. I found your blog through some the of IMB discussions.

Just thought I would drop by and say hello and see what you were up to.

Dino Z.

8:25 AM, January 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason, I appreciate your tenacity, but you might be overlooking a few aspects. First, the way the SBC works, especially at convention, is not always clear cut. The IMB trustees are not vocalizing the violations of Wade for a reason--mainly to keep him from spreading wild fires and mounting a counter argument. The Sole Membership situation between the EC and NOBTS clearly represents such a case. Second, Wade was accused of gossip and "broken trust and resistance to accountability" (bpnews). Since he served on the Executive Committee of the IMB he was privileged to sensitive material, which could not be shared outside those closed meetings. The fact that Wade is playing the high road card raises some redflags. I believe he leaked sensitive material discussed in the EC meetings. In fact, at the convention, both you and I will hear first hand about Wade's infractions. Naturally, he is not "guilty" per se until all the facts are outlined; however, if Wade leaked any, and I mean any, information from the closed door meetings he should be relieved of his services. So I guess this post was to tell you ease up on your martyrdom conquest until you find out all the specifics. Unfortunately, the IMB trustees will not show their hand until the convention and then it will be too late. As your friend, I am only concerned that you are getting in over your head.

6:53 AM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger Jason Sampler said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I apreciate your concern for me. I do have a few questions that I hope you can answer, either by emailing me personally or by posting. First, I am unclear why Wade taking the high road is a cause for concern and raises red flags? Do you mean that because he IS taking the high road or that he is PLAYING the high road card is cause for concern? Could you elaborate on this? Second, you stated that you believe he leaked sensitive material. As I'm sure you know (so don't read this as condesending), there is a difference between belief and knowledge. Do you believe this, or do you know it? If you do know this, would you be willing to share this information privately with me? If I am incorrect, I would like to be corrected.

Finally, you mentioned that I should ease up on my 'martyrdom quest'. I am not seeking mardyrdom, especially on behalf of Wade. If he is guilty, then he should be removed. If he is not guilty, then those accusing him should be punished (though I'm not sure what that would look like). My concern is not over a trustee or (despite Wade's take on it) the issue of cooperation versus crusading conservatives. My major issue is the policy changes that I beleve are unbiblical and un-Baptistic. My desire is to see these policies revoked by a vote at the convention.

Again, thank you for your concern and for your dialogue. I hope to hear from you privately so we can discuss these matters. I always strive to hear all sides of the issue.

In Christ,

9:02 AM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger Jason Sampler said...


I do remember you. Actually, it wasn't the SWOSU BCM that came, but it was the Road Crew, a summer missions team made up of BSU studens from all over the state.

Currently, i'm living in Ft. Worth. I relocated here after New Orleans flooded. I'm hoping to move back to N.O. soon, though. Great to hear from you. What are you doing these days?

9:03 AM, January 16, 2006  

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