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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Finally Back Home

II left my apartment in Ft. Worth on Saturday, January 28. I returned home last night. Wow. What a 2.5 weeks. I traveled to OKC, Alabama, Atlanta, Lexington, Frankfort, and Louisville, KY, and New Orleans. I saw my best friend, spent time with my brother, drank lots of coffee in New Orleans, visited with lots of friends, and had a great time. The highlight, of course, was last Sunday. It was the first Sunday worship service Edgewater Baptist Church held since Hurricane Katrina. There were over 50 people in attendance. Someone donated a tent and, for the foreseeable future, we will be having services outdoors every Sunday.

It was cold that morning. The wind was blowing pretty hard and being under a tent blocked any warmth the sun was providing. In the pictures, you can see many people wrapped in blankets or wearing toboggans. The first picture is of Justin Fernandez as he leads the congregation in singing and the second is of our new pastor, Kevin Lee, as he preaches.
It was so good to be back in New Orleans. More than ever, I consider it to be my home. As I've said previously, I lived in New Orleans (5 years) longer that I have lived in any other place. I build great friendships there, have received a great education from NOBTS, and have served on staff at Edgewater Baptist Church. I can't wait to return.

I am waiting on FEMA (pause for laughter for those who have shared this experience with me) to place a trailor on Paris Ave right in front of Edgewater's building. I am hopeful that the trailor will be put in place within the next week or so. If not, I still believe I will be back in New Orleans by the first part of March. A friend has offered to let me stay at his apartment when he gets some furniture. The people I've met while in Ft. Worth have been nice to me, but I can't explain why I want to leave here so badly and return home.

My community, Gentilly, is leaps and bounds ahead of other neighborhoods who received similar damage from Katrina. Edgewater is hopeful that we can be part of the rebuilding of our community, as well as to minister to many who would never have given us a thought. There is real excitement in the air that we can have an impact upon our neighbors as we help them gut out and rebuild their homes. Meeting physical needs is the only way they will let us meet spiritual needs. Please pray for Edgewater, for our pastor, and for our Passion Team (for those not familiar with Edgewater, the Passion Team is similar to elders or a planning committee) as they lead in thinking and making decisions concering our future in the Gentilly area.

Also, continue to pray for our city as a whole. 5 1/2 months after Katrina, there are still vast parts of the city that are yet to be touched. Homes are still in the middle of streets, cars are still piled on one another, and people continue to be disappointed with the Federal Government's response. New Orleans will come back, but we pray that it will be quicker than the current pace.

posted by Jason Sampler at 12:31 PM


Blogger cks said...

Ah, Gentilly. A community member right at the edge of the New Orleans "hot spot," that is, the section of the city with the highest murder rate per capita in all of New Orleans. At one time, that meant several (usually gang-related) murders per week. I remember talking to kids in the projects up the road who had friends in the hospital, missing lots of school (understandly) after having been shot by stray bullets from drive-bys. Ah, New Orleans.

The patina of funk and grime. The smell of urine and homelessness. How I miss it.

And how I wish Jason the best in his adopted home.

6:26 PM, February 15, 2006  
Blogger Jason Sampler said...

Uh, thanks, I think.

6:37 PM, February 15, 2006  
Blogger Kiki Cherry said...


Are you in the CS department at CMU? Or are there actually two "Bubba Beasleys" in the world?


Glad to hear that you got to be back at Edgewater. Sounds like an incredible church (well, I actually only know two of the members--Joe and David. But I really like them both!!!)

7:40 PM, February 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Really glad to hear you're back. It sounds like you had a great trip. I'm sure you have some great stories to share. Hope to hear them soon.

Jedi Lover

8:01 PM, February 15, 2006  
Blogger cks said...

Are you in the CS department at CMU?

Um....Am I in the Corrugated Scintillation department at CMU? No. You must have me confused with some other Bubba. Actually, I think you might have stumbled onto Bubba's and my joint blog venture...which is going nowhere, thanks to my unintentional uninvolvement. Actually, I'm hoping to reconnect with him tomorrow via Yahoo Messenger. Maybe we can get that thing going.

You can tell us apart: he's actually much more nerdy and computer-familiar than I. I think he's in IT. (I.e., Informative Tobogganing...)


8:47 PM, February 15, 2006  
Blogger Kiki Cherry said...


We are campus ministers at CMU, that's why I asked.

My worlds were colliding for a minute. Don't usually have a lot of students venturing over into the SBC blogging world.

But that's really cool!!! Tell Bubba we'd love to meet him sometime (are you at CMU, too?). We are at the hot chocolate table in front of Doherty (by the clock)every Wednesday.

6:56 AM, February 16, 2006  
Blogger Jenny said...


We have thoroughly missed you since that day of cleaning out the Gentilly apts. Actually, I think all three of us were not actually cleaning but helping our friends move out as all of our stuff was corroded and destroyed. Fun times! That day will always be a highlight of my dealings with Dillard. I hope you had a happy 30th birthday! I would be ever so glad to make you a cake, but you'll have to come back to Atlanta.

6:53 AM, February 17, 2006  

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