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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm Back, Baby!

To quote George Castanza [sorry, Jeff Young, I couldn't help it :)], "I'm back, baby!" That's right, on Monday morning I'm moving back to the Big Easy. I'm leaving Ft. Worth behind in a cloud of dust and headed straight for Mardi Gras (ok, that's not true; I haven't been to Mardi Gras once in the five years I lived there, but maybe I'll go this year in honor of Katrina). I've finally received a FEMA travel trailer and I'm raring to go! I've never been more pleased to meet one of the qualifications for being 'white trailer trash' :)

This has been the most difficult time in my life. As I've told a few others, I have felt more alone and depressed since September than I've ever felt. Losing relationships, misplacing friends, viewing the annihilation of my neighborhood, and being displaced from my church and school have been anything but easy to deal with. I wish I could say that I handled this period in my life well, but I didn't. However, my faith never wavered and I can praise God for His faithfulness to me even when I wasn't so pleased with my own surroundings.

I do want to publicly thank two entities. First, SWBTS provided me with an apartment to rent when I moved to Ft. Worth in late October. I never once indicated that I wanted to transfer my studies to SWBTS, but they graciously housed me for five months. Second, I found a temporary church home at Meadowridge Community Baptist Church. One of my favorite parts of New Orleans, and most dearly missed, was my local church congregation. While I have been displaced from them, Meadowridge welcomed me into their fellowship and I was able to renew some old friendships and make many new ones. Thank you, Meadowridge, for your love to a fellow brother in Christ.

Well, you may be asking yourself, "Self, I wonder what Jason will be doing when he moves back to New Orleans." The answers to this question are as follows:

1. Waiting in long lines for everything.
2. Waiting in bad traffic everywhere he goes.
3. Paying outrageous amounts of $ for gas.
4. Did I mention the long lines and the traffic?
5. Serving as the Minister of Community Ministry at Edgewater (more on this in a moment).
6. Finishing up my coursework and cranking out the ol' dissertation for my PhD.
7. Oh yeah, one more thing, lots of long lines and bad traffic :)

Edgewater Baptist Church has a deep desire to impact our community, Gentilly. With so many churches willing to send down volunteers on mission trips to 'mud out' houses, there needs to be some sort of coordinator. In light of this, they have created a new staff position to facilitate relationships between the church and the homeowners in our neighborhood. That will be me. We are hoping to have between 500-750 people working with Edgewater Baptist Church in the month of March alone. Our goal is to gut out approximately 1000 houses in the month of March. This may be overly optimistic, but we think it can be done.

March will be such a huge month for us because it is Spring Break for high school and college students. However, we plan on carrying out this ministry for many, many more months. If your church, or a church you know of, is interested in sending a team, or teams :), to New Orleans to help with this ministry, please do not hesitate to email me. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community: their overwhelming physical needs (the gutting of their home and the provision of food) while asking for permission to share a cure for their spiritual needs. Now, more than ever, Baptists have an opportunity to minister effectively in New Orleans. Many of the Catholic churches are closing their doors permanently and Baptists have the opportunity to step in and share the good news of salvation by grace alone.

Please be in prayer for us as we face the privilege of rebuilding an historic city. I spoke with a very high up denominational leader last night and mentioned that I was returning to New Orleans. He said he heard the rumors that people should not return to the seminary and to the city, but he debunked them immediately. He said, "What better time to be in New Orleans and share the gospel than now?" I couldn't agree more. Won't you join us?

[Side note: Internet access in my part of town is non-existent. The only time I will have access to the internet is when I'm over in Metairie. This means posts will be less frequent. Maybe I'll install the rule of 'less in number, greater in quality' (some would say "That 's not saying much, the quality couldn't get anything BUT better!!). Unlike D.R., I'll have an excuse for the scarcity of my posts!]

posted by Jason Sampler at 6:55 PM


Blogger Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Jason,

You sure are going to be missed around these parts. I love to hear of your heart for doing ministry where it is needed, even the dirty work.

The name "Edgewater" for a church in New Orleans cracks me up. Was that the name of the church before the flood, or did it used to be called, "Hilltop Baptist"? :)

Father, thank You for bringing Jason through this hard time. Please bless him, his church, and NOBTS. Amen.

Love in Christ,


P.S. If there's no internet, does that mean there's no cable, also, so you can't corrupt your soul with Seinfeld re-runs? :)

8:28 PM, February 26, 2006  
Blogger Kevin Bussey said...

I pray Edgewater has a huge impact on NO. Keep Joe K in step!

5:55 AM, February 27, 2006  
Blogger James Douglas said...

Can't wait to come see you and Edgewater! --James

1:35 PM, February 27, 2006  
Blogger joe kennedy said...

no long lines of traffic in East.
no people in East.
nothing in East.
like a scene from a really scary horror film.

10:55 AM, February 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

make sure you put some nice rims on the trailer. - Arnold

8:19 AM, March 01, 2006  
Anonymous jeff said...

I found this shirt you should buy:



10:33 AM, March 01, 2006  
Blogger Jason Sampler said...

You are right. There is nothing in the East. It looks like it hasn't even been touched yet.

Funny shirt, maybe that could be your Christmas present to me.

I'm afraid if i put rims on it, you might try to hijack my home!!!

Jeff Young,
Thanks for the prayer. We need it. Our name does come from our location to Lake Ponchartrain. We are about 1 mile south of the lake and about 3 blocks from one of the major levee breaks. Our church took about 9 ft of water but it's already gutted out and a team is coming in on Sunday to start framing walls for our reconstruction. It's a great time to be in New Orleans. And nice comment about Seinfeld, but you forgot about the seasons being on DVD's!!!!!

6:36 PM, March 01, 2006  
Blogger cks said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:48 PM, March 01, 2006  

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